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The Perfect Stem is a distinctive Atlanta floral and event design studio specializing in fine floral arrangements and exquisite table décor for all your special occasions. We enjoy customizing every event with personal touches like antique fabric, luxurious ribbon or flowers with special meanings. In addition, we love using unusual flowers, mixing textures and memorable color combinations for an unforgettable experience.
Laura Taylor, owner and head designer, received her Certification in Floral Design from the famed New York Botanical Garden and immediately began working with some of the countries most talented designers. She has worked with and been inspired by designers from New York City, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Chicago and Los Angeles – and many places in between.
Planning a wedding or special event can sometimes be stressful – it’s an emotional and important day. It should also be FUN to plan. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Laura and enjoy the process!

Agapanthus Secret Love; well contented with; love letters Sp, S, F
Allium Unity; good fortune and prosperity Sp, S
Alstromeria Devotion; Wealth; Prosperity; Fortune W, Sp, S, F
Amaranthus Immortality, unfading love S, F
Amaryllis Pride; Beauty; Dramatic W, F
Anemone Expectation; fragile; truth; sincerity W, Sp
Anthurium Think of me; lover W, Sp, S, F
Asclepias (Buttterfly bush) Sorrowful rememberance Sp, S, F
Aster Innocence; loyal love; gentleness; purity W, Sp, S, F
Astilbe I’ll be waiting; love at first site Sp, S, F
Baby’s breath Festivity; innocence; pure of heart W, Sp, S, F
Bells of Ireland Good luck W, Sp, S, F
Bird of Paradise Magnificence; Freedom W, Sp, S, F
Boronia Silence; hush Sp
Bouvardia Enthusiasm W, Sp, S, F
Brunia Chivalrous W, F
Bupleurum Esteem W, Sp, S, F
Calla Lily Beauty, regal; W, Sp, S, F
Campanula (Bell Flower, Canterbury Bells) Gratitude; aspiration Sp, S
Carnation Fascination; distinction; divine love W, Sp, S, F
Celosia Affection; Silliness Sp, S, F
Chrysanthemum Hope; cheerfulness, optimism, truth W, Sp, S, F
Coneflower (Rudbekia) Justice, Impartiality Sp, S
Cornflower Available, hope, anticipation S
Cosmos Decadence; modesty S, F
Craspedia Good health W, Sp, S, F
Crocosmia Cheerful S
Curly Willow Bravery; Humanity W, Sp, S, F
Daffodil Unrequited love; you are the only one; new beginnings W, Sp
Dahlia Elegance and dignity; good taste; Forever thine S, F
Delphinium Big hearted; fun, boldness Sp, S, F
Dusty Miller Delicacy Sp, S
Eremerus I hold you in high esteem; endurance Sp, S
Flowering Branches Fidelity; Bridal hope, youthful love W, Sp
Forsythia Anticipation W, Sp
Freesia Innocence, spirited, careful and calm love, thoughtfulness W, Sp, S, F
Gardenia Secret love; joy; good luck gift to man; grace; artistry W, Sp, S, F
Genista (Sweet Broom) Neatness; humility W, Sp, F
Gerbera Pretty and strong; enduring purity W, Sp, S, F
Ginger Proud; strength W, Sp, S, F
Ginger Proud; strength W, Sp, S, F
Gladiolus Strength of character; sincerity; natural grace; remembrance W, Sp, S, F
Gloriosa Lily Glorious beauty W, Sp, S, F
Godetia Sincerity; forgetfulness; honesty W, Sp, S
Heather Solitude; good luck W, Sp, F
Hyacinth Sport; play, young love W, Sp
Hydrangea Perseverance; thank you for understanding, boastfulness W, Sp, S, F
Hypericum Berry Animosity W, Sp, S, F
Iris Inspiration; faith, wisdom and valor; hope W, Sp, S, F
Kangaroo Paw Unequal W, Sp, S, F
Larkspur Ardent attachment; levity; beautiful spirit; open heart Sp, S, F
Lavender Cautious; devotion; renewal Sp, S
Lilac Humility; confidence; first love W, Sp
Lily Purity; majesty; wealth; Pride, Innocence W, Sp, S, F
Lily of the Valley Sweetness; return of happiness; you make my life complete; purity Sp, S
Lisianthus Calming; faithfulness W, Sp, S, F
Marigold Cruelty; jealousy; grief S, F
Monkshood Chivalry W, Sp, S
Narcissus Egotism; formality; symbol of good fortune W, Sp
Orchid Love; refinement; rare beauty; symbol for many children; ecstasy W, Sp, S, F
Peony Healing; bashfulness; happy life; happy marriage; good health Sp
Pepper berry Warmth S, F
Phlox Sweet dreams; hope; proposal of love W, Sp, S, F
Queen Anne’s Lace Self-reliance; fantasy; haven W, Sp, S
Ranunculus Radiant charm W, Sp

Spirit flower; beauty; love; passion


Bi-color pink/white: Pleasure

Bi-color orange/yellow: Passionate thoughts

Bicolor yellow/red: Happiness

Bicolor red/white: Unity

Burgundy: Unconscious beauty; beauty within

Cream/ivory: Passion, love, perfection

Green: Envy, infatuation

Lavender: Affection, enchantment

Magenta: Encouragement

Orange: Creativity, fascination

Peach: Desire, gratitude, admiration

Pink (light): Grace, friendship, joy

Pink (dark): Thankfulness Red: Love, passion, respect, courage, I love you

White: Purity, innocence, friendship, truth, virtue

Yellow: Jealousy, friendship, “I care”


W, Sp, S, F
Rose – Spray A heart innocent of love; beauty; youth; charming W, Sp, S, F
Snapdragon Presumption; impetuous; gracious lady Sp, S, F
Solidago Encouragement; good fortune W, Sp, S, F
Star of Bethlehem Purity; reconciliation; atonement W, Sp, S, F
Stephanotis Happiness in marriage; desire to travel; good luck W, Sp, S, F
Stock Lasting love; lasting beauty; bonds of affection W, Sp, S
Sunflower Power; adoration; devotion W, Sp, S, F
Sweet Pea Remember me: shyness; blissful pleasure Sp, S
Sweet William Gallantry; smile; Bravery; perfection Sp, S
Thistle Independence; retaliation W, Sp, S, F
Tuberose Confidence; dangerous pleasure W, Sp, S, F
Tulip Perfect lover; fame W, Sp
Tweedia Mental Beauty Sp, S
Veronica Fidelity W, Sp, S
Viburnum Berry Bound F
Wax flower Riches W, Sp, F
Yarrow Cure all S, F
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends S, F
Basil Best wishes Sp, S, F
Dill Irresistible, soothing Sp, S, F
Nerine Nymph W, Sp, S, F
Ivy Wedded love, fidelity, constancy W, Sp, S, F

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