Agapanthus Secret Love; well contented with; love letters Sp, S, F
Allium Unity; good fortune and prosperity Sp, S
Alstromeria Devotion; Wealth; Prosperity; Fortune W, Sp, S, F
Amaranthus Immortality, unfading love S, F
Amaryllis Pride; Beauty; Dramatic W, F
Anemone Expectation; fragile; truth; sincerity W, Sp
Anthurium Think of me; lover W, Sp, S, F
Asclepias (Buttterfly bush) Sorrowful rememberance Sp, S, F
Aster Innocence; loyal love; gentleness; purity W, Sp, S, F
Astilbe I’ll be waiting; love at first site Sp, S, F
Baby’s breath Festivity; innocence; pure of heart W, Sp, S, F
Bells of Ireland Good luck W, Sp, S, F
Bird of Paradise Magnificence; Freedom W, Sp, S, F
Boronia Silence; hush Sp
Bouvardia Enthusiasm W, Sp, S, F
Brunia Chivalrous W, F
Bupleurum Esteem W, Sp, S, F
Calla Lily Beauty, regal; W, Sp, S, F
Campanula (Bell Flower, Canterbury Bells) Gratitude; aspiration Sp, S
Carnation Fascination; distinction; divine love W, Sp, S, F
Celosia Affection; Silliness Sp, S, F
Chrysanthemum Hope; cheerfulness, optimism, truth W, Sp, S, F
Coneflower (Rudbekia) Justice, Impartiality Sp, S
Cornflower Available, hope, anticipation S
Cosmos Decadence; modesty S, F
Craspedia Good health W, Sp, S, F
Crocosmia Cheerful S
Curly Willow Bravery; Humanity W, Sp, S, F
Daffodil Unrequited love; you are the only one; new beginnings W, Sp
Dahlia Elegance and dignity; good taste; Forever thine S, F
Delphinium Big hearted; fun, boldness Sp, S, F
Dusty Miller Delicacy Sp, S
Eremerus I hold you in high esteem; endurance Sp, S
Flowering Branches Fidelity; Bridal hope, youthful love W, Sp
Forsythia Anticipation W, Sp
Freesia Innocence, spirited, careful and calm love, thoughtfulness W, Sp, S, F
Gardenia Secret love; joy; good luck gift to man; grace; artistry W, Sp, S, F
Genista (Sweet Broom) Neatness; humility W, Sp, F
Gerbera Pretty and strong; enduring purity W, Sp, S, F
Ginger Proud; strength W, Sp, S, F
Ginger Proud; strength W, Sp, S, F
Gladiolus Strength of character; sincerity; natural grace; remembrance W, Sp, S, F
Gloriosa Lily Glorious beauty W, Sp, S, F
Godetia Sincerity; forgetfulness; honesty W, Sp, S
Heather Solitude; good luck W, Sp, F
Hyacinth Sport; play, young love W, Sp
Hydrangea Perseverance; thank you for understanding, boastfulness W, Sp, S, F
Hypericum Berry Animosity W, Sp, S, F
Iris Inspiration; faith, wisdom and valor; hope W, Sp, S, F
Kangaroo Paw Unequal W, Sp, S, F
Larkspur Ardent attachment; levity; beautiful spirit; open heart Sp, S, F
Lavender Cautious; devotion; renewal Sp, S
Lilac Humility; confidence; first love W, Sp
Lily Purity; majesty; wealth; Pride, Innocence W, Sp, S, F
Lily of the Valley Sweetness; return of happiness; you make my life complete; purity Sp, S
Lisianthus Calming; faithfulness W, Sp, S, F
Marigold Cruelty; jealousy; grief S, F
Monkshood Chivalry W, Sp, S
Narcissus Egotism; formality; symbol of good fortune W, Sp
Orchid Love; refinement; rare beauty; symbol for many children; ecstasy W, Sp, S, F
Peony Healing; bashfulness; happy life; happy marriage; good health Sp
Pepper berry Warmth S, F
Phlox Sweet dreams; hope; proposal of love W, Sp, S, F
Queen Anne’s Lace Self-reliance; fantasy; haven W, Sp, S
Ranunculus Radiant charm W, Sp

Spirit flower; beauty; love; passion


Bi-color pink/white: Pleasure

Bi-color orange/yellow: Passionate thoughts

Bicolor yellow/red: Happiness

Bicolor red/white: Unity

Burgundy: Unconscious beauty; beauty within

Cream/ivory: Passion, love, perfection

Green: Envy, infatuation

Lavender: Affection, enchantment

Magenta: Encouragement

Orange: Creativity, fascination

Peach: Desire, gratitude, admiration

Pink (light): Grace, friendship, joy

Pink (dark): Thankfulness Red: Love, passion, respect, courage, I love you

White: Purity, innocence, friendship, truth, virtue

Yellow: Jealousy, friendship, “I care”


W, Sp, S, F
Rose – Spray A heart innocent of love; beauty; youth; charming W, Sp, S, F
Snapdragon Presumption; impetuous; gracious lady Sp, S, F
Solidago Encouragement; good fortune W, Sp, S, F
Star of Bethlehem Purity; reconciliation; atonement W, Sp, S, F
Stephanotis Happiness in marriage; desire to travel; good luck W, Sp, S, F
Stock Lasting love; lasting beauty; bonds of affection W, Sp, S
Sunflower Power; adoration; devotion W, Sp, S, F
Sweet Pea Remember me: shyness; blissful pleasure Sp, S
Sweet William Gallantry; smile; Bravery; perfection Sp, S
Thistle Independence; retaliation W, Sp, S, F
Tuberose Confidence; dangerous pleasure W, Sp, S, F
Tulip Perfect lover; fame W, Sp
Tweedia Mental Beauty Sp, S
Veronica Fidelity W, Sp, S
Viburnum Berry Bound F
Wax flower Riches W, Sp, F
Yarrow Cure all S, F
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends S, F
Basil Best wishes Sp, S, F
Dill Irresistible, soothing Sp, S, F
Nerine Nymph W, Sp, S, F
Ivy Wedded love, fidelity, constancy W, Sp, S, F

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